Regional Shared Learning Workshop on Violence Against Girls in School

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Author/Publisher: ActionAid, ANCEFA, Plan (WARO), 2013
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As time draws towards 2015, the target year for Education For All (EFA) goals and Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), which, among other things, call for achieving universal primary education as well as achieving gender parity in primary and secondary schools, ActionAid organized with ANCEFA (Africa network campaign on education for all) and Plan (West Africa Regional Office – WARO), a regional shared learning workshop on the learning from 5 years implementation of a multi-country project on violence against girls at school in Ghana, Kenya and Mozambique.

The aim of the workshop was to share experience with organizations engaged on the same issue and to explore together with partners how to strategically engage in joint advocacy on girls education in the region.

This communique outlines the various points made about girls' education, particularly in the areas of: research and publications; child participation; and policy engagement and advocacy.


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