Gender Responsive Pedagogy - A Teacherís Handbook

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Author/Publisher: FAWE
Language: English, French

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The Teacherís Handbook on Gender Responsive Pedagogy is designed to be a practical guide for making teaching and learning processes gender responsive. Many times teachers are not even aware of situations that are discriminatory on the basis of gender. They may use learning materials that depict only one gender performing certain types of activities or they may make disparaging remarks about the capability or haracteristics of either gender. This discourages the students, girls in particular, from participating effectively in the teaching and learning process.

What happens in the teaching and learning processes in the classroom plays a big role in determining how well girls and boys participate in education and whether they stay in school and do well in their studies. Because teachers are central to the teaching and learning processes, their understanding and awareness of gender responsiveness is key to the effective participation of the girls and boys in learning processes.

Gender responsive teachers understand and respond to the specific needs of girls and boys in the teaching and learning processes. They do this by being aware of the special needs of girls and boys such as sexual maturation issues and by encouraging equal participation and involvement of boys and girls in class activities and ensuring
equal access to learning materials


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