Equity and Inclusion in Education Guide

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Author/Publisher: This work is a joint product of the UN Girls’ Education Initiative, the UNAIDS Inter-Agency Task Team on Education, the Global Task Force on Child Labour and EFA, the EFA Flagship on the Right to Education for Persons with Disabilities, and the EFA FTI Secretariat. The guide was developed and refined with the expertise of consultants, the late Hazel Bines and David Clarke.
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As progress is made toward the Education for All (EFA) goals and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), including universal primary education and gender parity at all levels of education, increasing attention is being given to the 72 million children who are still out of school.1 In particular, there is a stronger focus on the hard-to-reach and those who are at risk of being excluded, marginalized, or otherwise disadvantaged in their pursuit of educational opportunity. Even when such children attend school, they may not complete the full cycle of primary education and may not experience or achieve learning of the highest, or even good, quality.


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