Minimum Standards for Education in Emergencies, Chronic Crises and Early Reconstruction

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Publication Date: 2008
Author/Publisher: Interagency Network for Education in Emergencies
Language: English

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The INEE Working Group on Minimum Standards is extremely pleased to launch the INEE Minimum Standards Toolkit! Developed in partnership with the IASC Education Cluster, the INEE Minimum Standards Toolkit responds to the growing need for tools to guide humanitarian aid workers, government officials and educationalists in the implementation of the INEE Minimum Standards. The Toolkit contains the INEE Minimum Standards handbook, training and promotional materials, including all translations, as well as clear, practical tools and resources to help field staff and Ministry of Education officials implement the standards.

Thanks to hundreds of INEE members around the world, the Toolkit is made up of the most practical field-friendly tools, guidelines, checklists, case studies and good practices linked to specific standards in the categories of:

  • Community Participation
  • Analysis
  • Access and Learning Environment
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Teachers and Other Education Personnel
  • Education Policy and Coordination

The Toolkit will help users of the INEE Minimum Standards adapt the indicators to their local setting and contextualise the guidance notes, good practices and lessons learned that are codified within the handbook in order to realize the standards. There are also a set of tools that are particularly relevant to disaster preparedness and risk reduction as well as to the cross-cutting issues of human and children’s rights, gender, HIV/AIDS and disability.

The Toolkit is available online via the INEE website at:

You can find an overview of the Toolkit on the INEE Minimum Standards Implementation webpage: You can also download a Toolkit Launch Guide which suggests strategies for sharing the toolkit with your colleagues and partners.

An INEE Minimum Standards Reference Guide has also been developed and will be distributed with the Toolkit. This easy to use pull-out tool is designed to be field friendly and damage-resistant for when a copy of the Handbook is not at hand. The Reference Tool is not meant as a stand-alone document, but should be used as a supplementary tool to complement the INEE Minimum Standards Handbook.

To request a copy of the Toolkit and accompanying INEE Minimum Standards Reference Guide, please send your name and full mailing information to the INEE Coordinator for Network Services:


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