Education's Missing Millions


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Publication Date: 2007
Author/Publisher: World Vision International
Language: English

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As countries take stock of their progress towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals by 2015, World Vision and the Global Partnership for Disability and Development have launched a report urging donor and recipient governments to make their aid to education and national education plans more responsive to the challenge of providing a quality education for the 26 million primary school aged disabled children still out of school in developing countries.

Titled 'Education's Missing Millions', the report focuses on the Education for All Fast Track Initiative (FTI). The FTI is a global partnerhip between donor and developing countries to ensure accelerated progress towards the Millennium Development Goal of universal primary education by 2015.

The report argues that the FTI Partnership could be considered as not yet being responsive enough to disability and urges it to play a greater role in catalysing a greater focus on disability issues in education among its partners by:

Promoting policy dialogue and promising practice on including disabled children in education within the Partnership, with both partner countries and donors
Acting as a policy 'champion' for inclusion of disabled children in education, by advocating the critical importance of the participation of disabled children to the achievement of universal primary education, in order to increase both the political and funding commitments needed to ensure their inclusion.


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