Creating a safe and welcoming school

Educational practices series - 16

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Publication Date: 2007
Author/Publisher: UNESCO
Language: English
ISBN: IBE/2007/ST/EP16

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Attempts to create schools that provide quality education for young people are many. Yet, the pursuit for the latest technological advances for increased effectiveness in education, neglect the need for a school to be a safe and welcoming place for children to learn and grow.

If a school is not safe, the consequences for children are many: vandalism against school property increases, abusive behaviour toward school staff escalates, conflict among peer groups heightens and, in general, young people are unable to learn their lessons.

Similarly, if a school does not convey a feeling of welcome, young people will close themselves off from the school and attempt to stay in a protective bubble, isolated from the efforts of teachers and staff to educate them.

This booklet, part of a series called The Educational Practices Series, shows how schools can be made safe and welcoming for children and as such, fostering children’s learning and their motivation to continue learning.


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