Towards Equal Opportunities for All: Empowering girls through partnerships in education (2007)

Case studies in East Asia

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Publication Date: 2007
Author/Publisher: East Asia and Pacific Regional UNGEI
Language: English

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This publication is a joint-project outcome by the regional and country United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative (UNGEI) partners. The document introduces seven good practice case studies from East Asia on programmes addressing the educational needs of girls, particularly those who are marginalized for economic, cultural, social or other reasons. The two main themes for this report – overcoming girls’ exploitation and reaching marginalized girls – were identified as major challenges to achieving quality basic education for all in the region. Seven good practice cases that directly address these challenges were nominated and developed by the regional and country UNGEI members and their associates. Field visits and studies were conducted in 2006 in Cambodia, China, Indonesia and the Philippines.

These cases share our regional experiences on girls’ education with a wider audience and attempt to serve as both a technical learning source and as an advocacy tool for practitioners, policy makers and other stakeholders at all levels. It is our hope that readers will identify relevant critical strategies and draw lessons learned from these case studies, and ultimately work to apply them into their future programming.

Each case study features specific innovative aspects in programming for girls’ education, and describes the contexts, programme contents, planning and implementation processes, programme and outcome analysis to date, lessons learned and potential replicability. The cases particularly focus on describing the overall programming processes, including partnership building for sustainability, the important elements of good practice.


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