Educating Girls: A Handbook (2003)

A basic reference guide for CIDA staff in Canada and in the field

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Publication Date: 2003
Author/Publisher: CIDA
Language: English

Download: PDF

Educating Girls: A Handbook is part of a knowledge series on education for development intended as tools or resources for CIDA staff in Canada or in the field. Our intent with the series is to make resources available, in straightforward language and a readable format, that provide basic reference materials on various aspects of education for development.

The handbook is meant to provide support for field staff, project officers, project team leaders, and project directors in implementing CIDA’s Action Plan on Basic Education.

Educating Girls: A Handbook is aimed at assisting CIDA staff in understanding and addressing critical issues related to girls’ education. It emphasizes CIDA’s strong agenda on girls’ education as part of its Education for All (EFA) commitment to eliminating gender disparities in education by 2005, and ensuring access to free and compulsory primary education for all by 2015.


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