Educate a Woman, Educate a Nation (2003)

Literacy, Gender and HIV/AIDS Series

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Publication Date: 2003
Author/Publisher: UNESCO
Language: English, French

Download: PDF: English, French

Written by Africans for Africans, this booklet is one of a growing series prepared during UNESCO training workshops to produce gender-sensitive materials for HIV/AIDS prevention for southern African countries.

When gender concerns are integrated into post-literacy materials which recognize local conditions, people's attitudes, values and beliefs, dreams and aspirations, they provide a powerful tool for tackling the HIV/AIDS pandemic currently ravaging southern Africa.

The series is an effort at filling the void left by medically oriented and didactic materials. They are based on the assumption that effective materials can help people change their attitudes, which in turn, will bring about positive changes in their behaviour.

These booklets reflect the way people communicate in southern Africa in the 21st century - their images, customs, attitudes and beliefs. They are aimed at helping readers - women and met, young and old - to raise issues and seek answers to questions concerning their risk of contracting HIV/AIDS.


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