Regional Report Cards

Today's Challenge, Tomorrowís Promise

Regional report cards analyse overall progress towards achieving gender parity in education, identifying both the countries that will succeed in meeting the 2005 Millennium Development Goal and those that will fall short. Eastern and Southern Africa: Equally Out of School focuses on how demand for education outpaces school availability, so that gender parity in education translates into equal numbers of boys and girls not in school. West and Central Africa: Blighted by Emergencies looks at how natural and human-made disasters have impaired the regionís ability to get all children into school. South Asia: Yawning Chasm examines gender disparities in education within individual countries and the region as a whole. Middle East and North Africa: Inching Towards Gender Equality spotlights the regionís struggle to realize gender parity within both schools and society. CEE/CIS: Hidden Crises notes that the region will likely reach the 2005 Goal of gender parity in education but also identifies issues that have the potential to undermine that achievement. Latin America and the Caribbean: Triumph Over Denial analyses the regionís parallel challenges in achieving the 2005 Goal Ė the anomaly of gender disparity in education generally harming boys, but also hurting girls from indigenous populations. East Asia and the Pacific: The Numbers Within the Numbers considers what actions would ensure that the regionís projected success in meeting the 2005 Goal will not be derailed by pockets of educational gender disparity.