What is the Gap Project?

The Gender Achievements and Prospects in Education (GAP) report, a multimedia project, is more than a wake-up call. Building on the knowledge and observations of people who work in development and education, it is designed to assess progress towards gender parity in education by 2005 and universal primary education by 2015, highlight innovations, identify obstacles, generate discussion and give guidance. GAP begins at the point of agreed upon and established assessments and ends with a concrete action plan. It focuses on the challenge to get all children – girls as well as boys – into school, or know why they are not.

The GAP report is the result of extensive reporting in the field; on-going dialogue among people committed to girls’ education; interviews with economists, educators, development specialists, field workers, community leaders, parents and children; statistical analyses; and a review of the literature. Additionally, the UNGEI website includes a LISTSERV to keep the discussion and progress moving long after 2005 comes to a close.