State of Girls' Education

Gender parity in education is the first milepost on the journey towards universal primary education. The overview examines the current global situation of girls and boys in education. The Clock Strikes Midnight looks at the urgent need to reach the Millennium Development Goal of gender parity in education as the 2005 deadline approaches and passes, focusing on how all the Millennium Development Goals hinge upon achieving gender parity in education. Ambitious Goals, Pragmatic Action attempts to answer the question, “Can regions reach the next educational Goal – universal primary education by 2015 – if they have missed the first deadline?” No Easy Journey identifies the barriers that have impeded progress towards reaching gender parity in education.

  • Rationalizations and Regrets
  • What is GAP?
  • The Evidence

  • World Leaders Identify Girls’ Education as a Development Tool
  • Can Regions Get On Track and Reach the Next Educational Goal?

  • Poverty
  • Gender Roles and Traditions
  • Armed Conflict and Other Crises
  • Lack of Infrastructure
  • A Confluence of Circumstances